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Month: September 2018

The Physicality of Masculinity

What does a man look like? Big, strong, muscular, hairy, scarred, calloused? Hard? Defined? Ripped? What does it feel like to be a man? Aggressive? Active? Ambitious? Capable? Confident? Violent? What is the physical reality of...

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Attention Grows Reality

Your brain is always changing. It’s called neuroplasticity Whether or not those changes are helpful depends on where (and how) you focus. The more you give something your attention, the higher priority it becomes to the brain....

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Nice Is Not Enough

“But I was so nice to her. And this is what I get?!” Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to be a kind, respectful guy. That is, if you want to get along with other people. Nice is nice and all. But, if being nice is your main...

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Better Hope You Don’t Meet Her

Another failed relationship. This one just didn’t work out like you thought it would. Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever find the one. I’ll tell you what. You better hope you don’t meet her. Not right now, anyway. Although it...

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