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Month: September 2018

Foundation or Folly?

We want to learn new stuff.” “Yeah, new stuff!” “Aw, come on, teacher, show us the next moves!” Without fail, my fellow Tai Chi students would hound our teacher to learn new things each week in class. These...

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A Risky Endeavor

Paul’s car swooped into a parking spot in the corner of an empty lot. We stepped out into the late-summer evening. The fragrance of herbs and forest filled our noses. Dusk was fast approaching, and the forest had a spooky...

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The Energy Equation: The First Piece

Light swirls. A portal opens. Stepping through, you recognize this place. It’s the bedroom of your teenage self. Your appearance is startling to your 15 year old self. “Hi James, I’m you from the future. I’ve come to tell you...

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Approval Seeking

You’re talking to an attractive woman. She loves to travel. Wow, so do you! She can’t stand Andy from work? Yeah, that guy is a tool. She feels really passionate about such and such political topic. You couldn’t agree more. Or…...

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King and Queen

Ever get mad at yourself for being angry? Anxious about how nervous you feel? Not only is this all very circular, but it’s also ridiculous. And I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t done this at some time. When we can learn to let...

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