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Month: October 2018

You’re Not The Man I Once Knew

“You’ve changed.” Have you ever said this to a woman? Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end? It usually indicates some dissatisfaction with how things are going in the relationship. It’s funny, really, if you think about how...

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On The Rocks

You’ve been together awhile now. But something has changed. She’s not as warm and loving as she once was. She seems preoccupied. You ask her, “What’s wrong?” “Nothing,” she states tersely. You have a bad feeling. Listen to that....

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The Pain Is Your Window

Dumped, divorced, ghosted… All painful. Also, useful. I don’t mean to be flippant about what has happened. I’ve been through some bad breakups, and I know how truly devastating they can by. Maybe this isn’t your first rodeo,...

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Movement Generates Mind

Stuck? Can’t solve a problem? Maybe you would just like to be more creative. The solution is to move! Preferably outside. In case you’re confused, I’m not telling you to live in a tent in the underpass. I’m saying to get outside...

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Imagine your emotions are water. You want them to be flowing, clear, and nourishing. Damn them up long enough and they will overflow. Freeze your emotions, and things begin to crack and die. Allow them to stagnate, and they...

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