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Month: October 2018

Step Back

Take a step back. Don’t be desperate to get into a relationship. Life is full of oscillations. Ebbs and flows. Yin and Yang. You’re not always meant to be with someone else. Learn to find solace in solitude. Take this time to...

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Don’t Let Her Fool You

You’re out in the world meeting ladies. Hoping to find the One. At some point, most of them are going to lie to you. This can happen for any number of reasons and to varying degrees. Often, it’s just to protect themselves or...

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In The Mood

Your relatives are visiting from out of town. Tensions are high. Then you say something you regret. Because… you were in a bad mood. We could list a thousand more situations where mood intimately shapes the outcome of an...

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Lead Her

Are you a leader? Do you bring the Yang to her Yin? Many women prefer men to take the lead. To direct. To express our masculine nature. Not boss them around. Not dominate them. Not control them. Lead. When this happens, she can...

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