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Month: October 2018

A Crawling Start

Think you’re in okay shape? Try crawling in its various forms. Inverted crawl. Hands and knees. Hands and feet. Forward and back. I’m working through the fundamental building blocks of movement in the MovNat system. my goal is...

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Be Direct

Be direct. Be kind, but be direct. Let’s stop manipulating. Avoiding. Ghosting. You may feel fear. Discomfort. Get comfortable in this place. Relax into it. Breathe. Put one foot in front of the other. Like walking outside in...

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Ready To Do Right?

Are you ready to do the right thing? The hard, risky, or dangerous thing? Sometimes it requires speaking up. Other times, it means keeping your mouth shut. It can require you to look uncool or embarrass yourself. Sometimes,...

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Valuable Assets

You’ve hit a plateau. It feels like no matter how much effort you put in, you’re just not progressing to the degree you desire. Other people do it. You know it’s possible. But how? Let’s keep this simple. 3 forces you need to...

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