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Month: November 2018

Cost of Copasetic

Relationships go through cycles. It can’t always be great. That’s just not how people work. Doesn’t mean there has to be major drama, but it can’t always be birds singing and sunshine. Yet we resist. Similar with our own...

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No Failure

Frustrated with dating and relationships? Change your approach. Adopt the attitude that you have something to learn from every single woman you meet. Not only that, but you have something valuable to offer them—even if she’s,...

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Control Yourself

Feeling out of control sucks! It’s stressful. And because it’s stressful, it becomes a drain on our energy and wellbeing. There are so many aspects of life that we cannot control and should not even try to control. The main one...

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The Problem with Authenticity

Be authentic. Be yourself! But who is that? We all have a mix of qualities, some more desirable than others. Which aspect of yourself should you be then? Perhaps a more useful approach is to know your values and then act in...

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Accepting Discomfort

Today was not fun. I was uncomfortable, emotional, and moody. The cause, most likely, is cutting back on my sugar and alcohol consumption this past week. But it wasn’t a problem. I didn’t resist. So much pain comes...

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