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Author: James B.

Better Together

If you can’t bring out the best in each other, then you best be on your way. Doesn’t matter if you’re both good people. There are plenty of good people in this world (in spite of what the news would have you believe). That’s not...

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You Can’t Just Leave Her

It’s hard to believe, but there’s no turning back. The relationship is unsalvageable. And the sooner you get out, the better. But leaving the relationship is not enough; it’s only the first step. Maybe you think that if you just...

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Name Of The Game

“It’s not fair…” Do you feel like it’s tough out there for men right now? Tinder got you down? Feeling like women have the easy end of things and men are treated like criminals everywhere they go? Maybe. That’s just the...

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Ready To Start Dating Again

It’s been a few months since you had your heart broken. The dust has settled. You’re feeling a little better. There may still some bad days, but life has regained its rhythm. And (because we’re human), we feel better than we did...

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