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Author: James B.

Become More, Enjoy More

She is my better half. I lucked out big time in meeting her. Hit the lottery of life. Cashed in all my good karma. Would she have given me the time of day had I not done the work? Would I even be in the place that we met if I...

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Power in Presence

“… and that, Mike, is what I think we need to do. What are your thoughts?” You’re finishing up a call with an important client. He’s just shared a vital piece of information. And you were checked out. Gone. Oops! There’s...

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Upgrade Your Context

We shape our environments. They shape our behaviors, moods, and choices. It’s a relationship. A dynamic. Your mind is always registering the elements of the spaces in which you move. Space, shapes, colors, light, smell, sound,...

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Movement Makes Us Better Men

Men need movement. Without it we become soft, weak, stiff, moody, sad, and ill. We lose our edge and become disconnected from our masculine nature. Movement becomes our medicine when we’re deficient in this vital nutrient. More...

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Never Too Old For Play

Children play. Animals, too. How about you? When we’re young, play seems to erupt spontaneously and frequently. As we age, the play seems to dry up. If it does happen, it is infrequent and often rigid. It becomes less...

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