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Author: James B.

Surrounded By Better

Leveled up this week. Experienced breakthroughs, both physical and mental. It was my 40th birthday, so we wanted to try out some parkour classes. My whole concept of what is possible has shifted. I can do things this week that I...

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Two Key Qualities

Want long-term relationship success? You will need to cultivate two qualities. Humility and awareness. Why these two? A successful relationship requires growth. There will be times that your ego will feel threatened. You will...

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Neediness Stinks

She can smell your neediness a mile away. It repels her. Can you get away with being needy once in a while if you’re in a long-term relationship? Sure. We all have our bad days. But if things aren’t going well in your...

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Actions Show More

Over time, your actions reveal the truth. The truth about your priorities and your character. You can give lip-service to the idea that you care about someone. You say, “Yeah, I’ll be there. You’re important to me!” Sometimes...

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Have Courage to Face Your Weakness

I love MovNat. I’m getting stronger. More agile, mobile, and balanced. These are hard-won gains. I’m dealing with an amazing amount of internal resistance daily. Fear, pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, laziness, distraction....

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