Month: January 2018

Coffee or fresh air?

In 2014, we spent over $12 billion on energy drinks in the U.S., and 56% of adults drink coffee and consume an average of 13 cups per week!   If one thing is clear, we all want more energy.   Are you dealing with the aftermath...

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Clear skies or rocky shores?

Do you really know what you want out of life?   How clearly can you describe how you want to live your life?   Why are those things important to you?   Maybe you knew at one time, but things changed.   You’ve gained new...

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What will your focus create in 2018?

Is 2018 going to be a good year for you? Will you be successful, accomplish your goals, advance in your career, improve your relationships, and get healthier?   The answer to these questions is determined in large by where you...

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