James Bottone

Profound Masculinity Guide

Once upon a time…

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t love you anymore.”

My girlfriend and I had just moved to a new city together.

She was acting strange, and it was obvious that all was not well with us.

Finally, I demanded the truth: “What the Hell is going on?!”

Instead of calling things off before we moved, she started banging one of my “good” buddies.

My reality was shattered.

I won’t go into all the gory details here…

Just know that, on so many levels, this was one of the worst and best things that could have happened for me.

After walking around in a fog of pain and heartbreak for months, an opportunity appeared. One that I wouldn’t have noticed or pursued were it not for my current situation.

I did what we’ve all dreamed of at one time or another…

Walked away from it all.

A short while later I was living beachside on a Caribbean island. This turned out to be the perfect place to nurse my wounds and reclaim my mojo.

Over the next two years I focused completely on healing my body, mind, and spirit.

Surfing, meditation, martial arts, and an austere nutritional regimen helped me rebuild my confidence, poise, and inner strength.

Over the next two years I reinvented myself, rising from the ashes better than ever.

Life was good on all fronts!

But I wanted more.

My heart yearned for that special woman to share my time with.

I started asking questions…

“What kind of person do I really want to be with? What’s important? What next?”

I reflected on past girlfriends, contemplated other people’s relationships, and thought about some of the women I’d met on my journey.

Clarity came slowly through months of soul-searching.

Then it happened…

The woman that would change everything walked into my life.

You’d be blown away by how many stars had to align for us to even cross paths… but that’s a tale for another time…


I moved to California, and we started our journey together as a couple.

After that, my life was elevated to heights I never could have imagined possible.

Sharing this adventure with Diana these past 15 years has been the greatest, most positive force in shaping my life’s experience.

That is why I’ve made it my mission to help other men, men like you, to rise from the ashes of their breakups. So they can become better than ever before and experience their full relationship potential.



Education, Certifications, Trainings, Retreats

2019 Pending Levels 1 & 2 Certified MovNat Trainer – MovNat Natural Movement Fitness
2015 – Certified High Performance Coach – High Performance Institute
2014 – Functional Exercise Training – International Weightlifting Association
2013 – Certified – National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
2012 – Certified Doctor of Medical Qigong – International Institute of Medical Qigong
2012 – Level 1 Training – Zheng Gu Tui Na, Oakland, CA
2010 – Massage Therapist & Health Educator – National Holistic Institute, San Jose, CA
2009 – B.A. Geography – University of California, Berkeley
2007 – 3 Day Shaolin Gongfu Retreat – Wen Wu School, El Cerrito, CA
2007 – Advanced Medical Qigong Certification – Longevity Institute, San Jose, CA
2006 – 7 Day Fasting Retreat – Koh Samui, Thailand
2006 – Jin Shin Jitsu, Shiatsu, & Tui Na Training – Berkeley Acupressure Institute
2005 – 2 Day Zen Meditation Retreat – Green Gulch Zen Monastery, Muir Beach, CA
2004 – 7 Day Yoga Retreat – Costa Rica
2003 – Yellow Sash Levels 1 & 2 Southern Style Chinese Boxing – Siu Lum Kung Fu
2002 – Living Food Lifestyle Total Well-Being Training – The Ann Wigmore Health Institute
2000 – Level 1 & 2 Healer – Reiki
1999 – Naturopathy & Western Herbalism Training – Pure Health School of Natural Medicine
1998 – 3 Day Silent Retreat, Bradford, Pennsylvania
1998 – 3 Day Zen Meditation Retreat – Rochester Zen Center, Rochester, NY
1994 – Purple Sash – Northern Chinese Style White Crane Gongfu