Today was not fun.

I was uncomfortable, emotional, and moody.

The cause, most likely, is cutting back on my sugar and alcohol consumption this past week.

But it wasn’t a problem. I didn’t resist.

So much pain comes from resisting what is.

Feeling bad allowed me to access my emotions. Riding those emotions, I was able to gain fresh insights into some family dynamics.

I came to a valuable realization about my in-laws.

Something that could improve my relationships with them for years to come.

something I’ll share another time…

Feeling frustrated, I tackled a marketing problem that kept coming up for my business.

What happened?

I gained a deeper level of clarity that will allow me to move forward more effectively with a project.

All in all, I’d say today was a pretty good day. Especially since I felt like shit all day.


We don’t always need to feel good. Sometimes being uncomfortable, and downright unhappy has its value.