Over time, your actions reveal the truth.

The truth about your priorities and your character.

You can give lip-service to the idea that you care about someone.

You say, “Yeah, I’ll be there. You’re important to me!”

Sometimes you even show them that you care.

But how often do you demonstrate the opposite?

You may like the idea of being that caring person. You want to be that guy.

But you haven’t made it a priority.

It’s not what you’ve cultivated.

Maybe you’ve managed to fool yourself on some level (or just made a habit of letting yourself off the hook).

You’ve probably even fooled some of the people in your life.

It looks that way, anyway. But they aren’t really fooled.

They feel it. Somewhere inside, they are keeping a tally—it’s what people do (even if they don’t want to admit to it).

Your actions speak volumes. They reveal things that you don’t even realize about yourself.

Sure, you manage to sprinkle in enough caring words and occasional caring actions that it smooths things over.

But people know.

So there it is.

Who you wish you were versus who you really are (based on your actions over time).

Add it up.

Will you align your actions with your words and start living into who you aspire to be?

Or, will you just be honest and stop paying lip service to those things you’ll never make a priority?