You’re talking to an attractive woman.

She loves to travel. Wow, so do you!

She can’t stand Andy from work? Yeah, that guy is a tool.

She feels really passionate about such and such political topic. You couldn’t agree more.


Is any of what you’re saying true?

There’s something to be said for finding common ground when you want to have an engaging conversation with someone.

I get that.

But we have to be careful not to set a precedent with ourselves and others around being too loose with our truth.

Men think this ingratiates them with the woman. They are correct, in a way.

She may enjoy talking to you like one of her girlfriends, but does she see you as a man she would want to be with?

Probably not.

Women aren’t looking for someone to agree with them on everything. I’m not saying to have pissing matches with her about inconsequential things.

But, please, check in with your spine and make sure it’s still there.

When you know yourself and what you stand for, then communication becomes more interesting.

You become more interesting, exciting, and dynamic.

She’ll sense that you are a man with his own ideas.

Walk your own path. It’s more important to be respected than to be nice.

Do you know the difference between being nice and being kind? Future post topic.