Have you ever said something to someone and instantly felt weird about it because you knew it wasn’t completely true?


Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling twisted up inside because you failed to speak up for yourself or communicate your true needs and desires?


When we speak and act out of alignment with our true thoughts, feelings, and desires, we compromise our integrity.   The more our outer and inner worlds become misaligned, the more it drains our energy.  This feeling of being in-congruent robs us of our joy and vitality.


Think about those times you spoke untruths, or you didn’t speak up for yourself or someone you cared about.   Didn’t feel very good, did it?  That behavior comes at a price, and it impacts our energy, productivity, and our wellbeing.   The costs add up over time.


How can we live a more authentic life?


Part of the problem is that we’re not always clear about our true feelings and desires.   Many people have never taken the time and really thought through how they feel about various aspects of life.  They’ve never articulated what they want out of life and why they want that.  They’ve never gotten specific about who they want to be and how they will conduct themselves.


We become clearer about these things by asking ourselves questions and being both very honest and very kind with ourselves.   We can gain clues about our true desires and our inner laws by paying attention to how we feel.  We know when something doesn’t feel right; our body will tell us if we will just listen.


Do you have clarity about who you want to be and how you want to show up in life?


Are your words and actions a true reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, and desires?