Smoking. Alcohol. Cannabis. Coffee. Tea. Chocolate. Sweets. 

Something else…

Many of our habits are adaptive tactics meant to adjust our energy, mood, or attention.

Life has its demands. We want to feel good. We need to perform.

Sometimes we need some energy and focus. Sometimes we just need to calm down. Other times we need to boost our mood to show up for others.

I get it.

This isn’t some moral manifesto against the evils of imbibing.


Your habits could be getting in the way of your relationships.

The problem with habitually using substances to moderate our energy, mood, and attention is that it creates a rollercoaster effect.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker (or if you know any), then you know what a disagreeable prick someone can be before they get their morning cuppa joe.

But it goes beyond that. If you are accustomed to having 5 cups a day and then you can only get 3 for some reason, then there’s a good chance that it will affect your ability to show up as your best self.

I invite you to examine all of those things you use to prop up your life. All of your little crutches that get you through.

How much does your energy and mood fluctuate throughout the day? What is the tradeoff?

If you’re willing to look at this issue with honesty, you may be surprised how much these fluctuations rule your life.

I teach men how to adjust their energy in ways that won’t create this rollercoaster effect. Sounds like a good topic for a future post…