Another failed relationship.

This one just didn’t work out like you thought it would.

Sometimes you wonder if you’ll ever find the one.

I’ll tell you what.

You better hope you don’t meet her. Not right now, anyway.

Although it probably wouldn’t matter.


You most likely wouldn’t recognize her. And, she might not be attracted to who you are at the moment.

Being single is a great opportunity. It’s a time to go deep with yourself. Get some clarity.

This is especially true if you’re feeling at all desperate to find someone.

The more you feel this way, the more you need to just chill right the heck out. You’re not going to make good choices from this position.

Give yourself some time to digest the last couple of relationships. Let them assimilate. Learn something.

Don’t be the guy with a mouthful of food that just keeps shoveling it in before chewing what’s already there.

To unapologetic-ally continue with this analogy: You don’t want to get relationship indigestion.

What’s working? What’s not? Do you need to change your strategy?

When I work with men, I have them take a little hiatus from dating. They need space to do the work with a clear head.

First we clean up their life. Release what no longer serves them.

They take back control of their time, energy, and attention.

Focus. Be productive.

When you feel amazing about the changes and progress you’re making in the rest of your life, it doesn’t matter if you have a girlfriend.

Besides, when you take this time to work on your life, you’ll be attracting a different caliber of woman.

It’s worth the wait.