Women love when a man has a bit of a free spirit.

Energetic, fun, creative (playful, even)… 

(there are ways to cultivate these qualities)

It makes her feel more alive.

Plus, it’s just better when we can be spontaneous and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

She’ll appreciate that you keep things on the light side, even during stressful times.

I believe that it also demonstrates a kind of courage on your part—like you’ve got it under control. You have it handled, so she can relax.

Sounds like a good topic for us to cover another time…

Don’t get this confused with being child-ish

She may want children someday, but she doesn’t want you to be one of them.

And if it seems like she wants to be your mommy, then turn around and run as fast as you can. 

Major red-flag!

There’s a difference between tapping into your playful side and being straight up immature.

Some things a little boy does:

  • He makes messes and doesn’t clean up after himself
  • He pouts and throws tantrums
  • He goofs around when it’s inappropriate or exhausting for her
  • He needs to talk to his (real) mommy every day, involving her in everything
  • He expects to be taken care of all the time
  • He doesn’t take responsibility for his words and actions
  • He is verbally abusive when he doesn’t get his way
  • He is a bully 
  • He lacks discipline
  • He whines and complains 
  • He turns everything into a joke
  • He doesn’t keep his word
  • He seeks approval and validation
  • He is disrespectful

We can all slip into some of these behaviors from time to time. 

If many of these describe you, then you best get to work on growing up. 

A good woman will only put up with this bullshit for so long, then they are done. And when they are truly done, there’s no coming back.