Do you really know what you want out of life?


How clearly can you describe how you want to live your life?


Why are those things important to you?


Maybe you knew at one time, but things changed.   You’ve gained new information and experiences in life, but have you updated your vision and dreams for the future?


Moving through life is like piloting a large sailing vessel.   We chart our course toward our dreams and sail off into the seas of life to find our destiny.   Sometimes it becomes stormy or foggy, and we cannot see.   During those times we need to have a good map and compass to guide our actions and move us safely in the right direction.


We build our inner compass by questioning and contemplating who and how we want to walk through life.  From these questions are born the laws by which we guide our lives.  They form the compass that alerts us when we are off course and points the needle north so we know to realign ourselves and become congruent with our highest values and visions once again.


Where do you want to be by the end of 2018?  Have you drawn your map?