Are you as confident as you’d like to be?

Even when we’re at the top of our game, life can throw us a curveball.

Layoffs. Relationship challenges. Illness.

We question and doubt ourselves: “Did I make the right choice? I should have seen this coming. What could I have done differently?”

In my experience, one of the fastest ways we can boost our confidence is to become more physically competent and capable.

When you exert control over your body, you create a sense of being in control of life in general.

This sense of control is often the vital first step that generates the right attitude and energy to make positive changes in other facets of life.

Two straightforward ways we can regain control over the body are improving our diet and exercising.

Working with the breath is another powerful method we’ll cover in a future post.

Not only do we feel more in control when we start eating better and moving more, but we also get all the added health benefits of doing those things: Improved mood, better sleep, more energy, better immune function, increased optimism, better digestion, and more.

These benefits compound and multiply, creating a wave that can help us build forward momentum.

For some of you, this means walking a little more each day. For others, it might mean learning a new dance step, or working on your kicking and striking.

Eat more veggies and less crap. It’s not rocket science. Just make simple changes to start and enjoy the wave of positive feelings that follow.