They are out to get you.

No matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through or overcome your struggles.

Women, the Government, your boss, the economy, reptilian aliens…

I won’t insult your intelligence here. But, if you ever find yourself feeling suppressed by outside forces, you need to stop and think.

There is no conspiracy against you.

The sooner you can take full responsibility for the way your life looks, the sooner you can determine what really needs to change.

You can’t make a correct diagnosis if you’re looking in the wrong body.

Whose decisions, habits, actions, non-actions have had the greatest bearing on how your life currently looks?


This fact can be hard to accept.

Every moment of every day, your sub-optimal habits of thought, speech, and action are teaming up against you.

They conspire to erode your confidence, will, and success. To keep you wasting time and energy on inconsequential things.

It’s okay. We all do it.

Don’t waste any energy beating up on yourself over this.

Just own it, and then get to work uncovering what decisions and habits are routinely undermining your greater vision for your life.