Are you curious about the world around you?

Do you seek to understand others? To learn from them? To see things from where they stand?

Or is all of your psychological bandwidth consumed by the energy-expensive tasks of maintaining and defending your identity? Are you so consumed by maintaining appearances and putting on airs that you’ve lost the space to enjoy others?

Be honest.

It’s important for your success and the well-being of your relationships.

Cultivating curiosity about others helps us move away from the exhausting efforts of trying to be perceived by others in a certain way.

The focus shifts to learning about others instead of trying to get them to know and accept us.

In a world full of the self-absorbed and shallow, to be curious shows care.

It demonstrates interest.

And when people feel like you care and are genuinely interested in them, you become more interesting to them.

What would happen if you dropped the need to be cool and sought to learn what is cool about everyone around you?