Imagine your emotions are water.

You want them to be flowing, clear, and nourishing.

Damn them up long enough and they will overflow.

Freeze your emotions, and things begin to crack and die.

Allow them to stagnate, and they begin to fester and mould.

Let them run wild, and destruction and loss ensues.

Water can nourish or erode.

Like water, our emotions can be mysterious, changeable, and beautiful.

Emotions are also an integral part of our nature. Not something to be avoided, denied, or suppressed. Instead, something to be studied, understood, and harnessed for the benefit of all.

A regular physical movement practice is a great way to keep this energy flowing and clear while learning to tune in and feel its (sometimes) subtle currents.

It brings motion to the entire system, engendering free flow and expression on all levels.

And like these two elemental forces, water and emotions, physical movement can be expressed as active or slow, rough or smooth, powerful and crashing, or soft and fluid.

It can be fun and healing to experiment with different styles and disciplines of movement to see which resonates and complements your emotional life.

Think about the physical activities you’ve enjoyed in the past.

What moves you?