I love MovNat.

I’m getting stronger.

More agile, mobile, and balanced.

These are hard-won gains.

I’m dealing with an amazing amount of internal resistance daily.

Fear, pain, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, laziness, distraction.

What keeps me going?

A powerful desire to reclaim my birthright of natural movement.

Also, I strongly identify with a future vision of myself embodying these skills.

This bolsters my courage to keep going. To keep trying, even though it’s hard.

I will get there.

Right now, the discomfort and difficulties are greater than the immediate rewards. But I know if I can persist, there will be a breakthrough.

Then another.

This inertia is my karma. The effect of me avoiding my weaknesses. Doing what was easy instead of taking care of what needed attention.

Now I’m paying the price.

Sometimes we can come back from these things (almost anything is possible, but it’s very hard to do).

Fortunately, there are those times when support or resources or opportunities come along that give you an opening to correct past errors.

It is of paramount importance to take full advantage of these when you can. You have no idea when another opportunity will come along.

Establish your future vision—the identity you are growing into that encompasses the changes you’re trying to make.

Stay rooted in why it is important for you to breakthrough.

The longer we sit, the more we rust.

Have courage and face your weaknesses sooner than later.