The creak isn’t too deep.

But the water is cold and moving swiftly.

You swing your leg to leap to the next rock. It’s only about 4 feet, but you know you can make it.

Then it happens, a brief moment of hesitation.


Damn. Not only have you bruised your ass, but you’re soaking wet.

Hesitation can kill you.

It will certainly cost you opportunities.

Lack of preparation leads to overthinking. Overthinking gets your wires crossed.

Too many commands. Mixed messages. Not enough bandwidth.

When it’s go time is not the moment to be deciding.

Decisions must be made in prior moments.

sometimes even prior days, weeks, or years

Commitments to those decisions must be solid.

There is a clarity. An alignment with one’s values and purpose. A reason to be doing what you’re about to do.

If you don’t know yourself, it’s hard to trust yourself.

If you know yourself but still don’t trust yourself…

Ask yourself:

“What it would it take to restore that trust?”