Why is being stuck in traffic so frustrating?

How about the irritation of being stuck behind people who walk slowly (and often 4 abreast) down the sidewalk?

What if we think of frustration as the opposite of movement?

When traffic starts moving again we feel a sense of ease.

When that annoying group of people veer off into a restaurant, we give a sigh of relief.

Frustration is a form of stress. One that can be quite taxing.

A real joy killer.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve acted in ways I’m not proud of during bouts of extreme frustration.

One story comes to mind in particular, but more on that another time!

Having a regular movement practice is a powerful frustration reliever.

It also works prophylactically. The more movement in your day, the less frustration and more ease you should feel.

Some of my favorites include self-massage, qigong, MovNat, rebounding, and walking (especially in nature).

How could you work more movement into your day to prevent the depleting effects of frustration?