Can’t solve a problem?

Maybe you would just like to be more creative.

The solution is to move!

Preferably outside.

In case you’re confused, I’m not telling you to live in a tent in the underpass. I’m saying to get outside for a walk, run, or some Natural Movement.

Getting more blood (and nutrients) flowing to your brain while breathing fresh air will do wonders for your thought process.

Being active in nature will shift you out of your narrow, stress based thought patterns and into global, connected thinking.

You will see relationships and patterns you couldn’t see when you were cooped up inside.

You will gain fresh insights and new perspectives.

Add in a dollop of optimism produced by the reward and pleasure centers of your mind being activated, and you have the recipe for truly out-of-the-box ideas.

As the stars align and the ideas pour forth, you can record them on your phone. Otherwise, you may forget important nuances that were available to you while under nature’s spell.

Don’t be afraid to get a bit poetic if necessary to capture the full essence of the feeling that accompanies your ideas. Without these metaphors, you run the risk of your ideas seeming flat and without depth when you get back home.

Almost any location will do, but the more peaceful, inspiring, and beautiful the place the better.

Get your heart rate up, enjoy yourself, and don’t force anything.

Just appreciate your surroundings, and sooner or later…


You’ll have it.