Frustrated with dating and relationships?

Change your approach.

Adopt the attitude that you have something to learn from every single woman you meet.

Not only that, but you have something valuable to offer them—even if she’s, you know, not the one.

You have knowledge, perspectives, attitudes, and experiences that could elevate these women’s lives.

Can you leave a wake of improved lives on your quest?

See if you can let go of being needy and attached to the outcome of your interactions.


Relax into the experience and try to understand these women on a deeper level.

Listen. Watch. Sense.

This will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.


Because you will be able to recognize sooner if you should walk further down the path together.

You’ll see red flags and incompatibilities with clarity if you’re not so caught up in the outcome.

Be curious. Observe. Note.

Use every opportunity to improve yourself. Social skills, listening and empathetic abilities, dance moves… whatever.

Forget any bitterness or fatigue you carry around all of this. That is a waste and will get in the way.

You’re spending time doing this. This is your life, you may as well enjoy it and learn something!