“… and that, Mike, is what I think we need to do. What are your thoughts?”

You’re finishing up a call with an important client. He’s just shared a vital piece of information. And you were checked out.



There’s no easy way to get him to repeat what he just said.

Letting him know you weren’t listening is going to make you sound unprofessional and could harm your relationship.

It’s a funny thing how we can be here, but not here.

Present without presence.

Having presence requires us to bring our mind into this moment, focused on what takes priority and precedence. And we must sustain the direction of our attention until it’s appropriate to focus elsewhere.

Presence is power. A kind of personal gravity.

It becomes possible when our bandwidth isn’t overwhelmed with thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sensations that have nothing to do with the experience at hand.

Presence is energized by a kind of attentiveness, an awareness of what is happening without getting lost in what is happening.

This focused yet relaxed awareness is possible to exercise. Like a muscle. You can make it stronger.

But presence is more than just focused attention.

It is also a type of overall energy you bring to a situation, a quality of spirit.

It’s the light behind the eyes. The energy in your step. The quality of your response.

You could think of it as an amorphous total of your combined energizes brought together in any given moment.

What quality of presence have you been bringing into your important moments?