Are you ready to do the right thing?

The hard, risky, or dangerous thing?

Sometimes it requires speaking up. Other times, it means keeping your mouth shut.

It can require you to look uncool or embarrass yourself.

Sometimes, doing the right thing will earn you disapproving looks or comments.

When the time comes, will you be ready?

We must prepare ourselves for when it really matters.

It requires clarity about what we believe in and what we stand for (or won’t stand for).

We need the presence of mind and wisdom to recognize what is happening.

And courage to speak and act in ways that might not win us a popularity contest.

If we want to be effective in our words, it also requires us to become more influential or persuasive.

And if we ever need to take bold physical action, then we will benefit from being agile, strong, competent, and capable.

Sooner or later, life will provide us opportunities to see what we’re made of.

Until then, we must work towards become more useful, effective, and wise.

We must become ready.