The pressures of life push and pull.

Twist and blow.

Under these forces, the self becomes distorted.

Like a funhouse mirror, the mind is warped, stretched, and contorted.

Fear rules. Reaction reigns.

What was once loved, causes pains.

Part of the picture is focused, part is blurred.

Part of the image is favored, another is spurned.

Clarity is lost.

Opportunities cost.

The big picture is nowhere in sight.

Narrow, myopia is the plight.

What is the cure?

Movement in nature, for sure.

Explore a trail. Climb a tree.

Breathe, move, play, be free!

Jump a stream, look at a stone.

Or just walk alone.

In no time, insights will be gained.

And inner-peace reclaimed.

So go outside. Get your mind okay.

Why not now? Do it today!