Now that we’ve discussed where we’re going to put our focus in 2015, the importance of having clarity so we can create the life we desire, and having enough energy so we can move forward, there shouldn’t be anything standing in our way!  But what if there still is?


Even though you have focus, clarity, and energy, do you feel some resistance to taking the steps needed to create the life you desire?  Is there some area of your life that you would like to change but you’ve been avoiding – an area where you know you need to step up more, but you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it?


Sometimes we have hidden and vague fears based on unchallenged assumptions.   This is what the Chinese describe as a paper tiger – the experience of feeling threatened by something that appears dangerous, but lacks any true ability to harm us.


The good news is that when we decide to stop running and turn around to question our fears, what once seemed scary usually becomes a much more manageable foe.


So what comes up for you?  Which questions are you asking?  If you find yourself asking questions like… What if I fail?  What if I embarrass myself?  What if I put all this work in and it doesn’t turn out well? What if I take this opportunity and it’s not as easy as my current situation? …do you answer them?  From a distance, our fears often appear more menacing than they truly are.   If we take the time to actually answer our own questions, we often realize that there isn’t much substance to them.   Or, the vague fear-based scenarios we imagined were unlikely to begin with.


Questions can steel our energy and stop us in our tracks or they can embolden and empower us.


So if you are asking these questions, are you also asking yourself questions about what’s possible?  What if I succeed beyond my current expectations?  What if I do this and it turns out amazingly well?   What if I take this opportunity and it opens the way for future success and even bigger opportunities?  What will my life look like then?  How much better will my life be?  Start paying attention to the questions you’re asking yourself and, if you find yourself asking the first set of questions, it’s important to follow them up with the questions about what’s possible.


Here’s the interesting part.  Most people’s fearful “What if…” scenarios are overestimated.  Yet, it’s been my experience that the answers to the questions about “What’s possible” are often underestimated.  The life I have now far exceeds the life I imagined for myself just a few years ago!


So what are your fears?  Maybe it’s time to turn around and start walking towards them to find out if they are just paper tigers.