Your footsteps fall softly on the dirt path.


With each step, you move deeper into a special world.


You feel alive. Your senses becoming keener with every breath.

Light and shadow dance as sun filters through the treetops.

Medicinal evergreen and herb scents compete with the smell of earth and decomposing leaf matter.

A feeling of joy wells up in you. A moment of clarity. A burst of energy.

Calm, yet energized.

Everything is going to be fine.

Walking faster, you break into a light jog.

A huge log just off the path calls to you. Leaping, you land nimbly on its crumbly, dead bark.

This log will return to the forest floor in another 100 years, but right now it’s your playground.

A huge branch extends off to the side of the log. A branch that was 30 feet up when this tree stood tall and healthy.

You balance out as far as you can and come up on one foot. Arms extended. Inhaling and exhaling.

Balancing on one leg forces you to focus only on this very moment.

After a bit of wobbling, you drop into a state of deep peace.

Time slows down. Perceptions become heightened.

This is your nature.