How do you distinguish yourself from all the other men out there?

When a beautiful, intelligent woman comes into your world, how do you get her attention?

There are many strategies men use: Be funny, act cool, show her how sweet you are, self-deprecation, look or act strange or interesting.

Or, if you’re into the PUA stuff, maybe you try some more “advanced” psychological manipulations to trigger an unconscious feminine drive. Some power play to hack her heart.

That’s all (mostly?) fine and good. If you feel like you’re being honest, ethical, and aligned with your deeper values, then have at it.

Just do me a favor. If those things don’t work out for you, don’t turn all bitter and weird against women.

Quality women are looking for good men.

You will still need good hygiene, basic social skills, and the courage to interact with the fairer sex. But, you don’t need to be a GQ model to attract to a wonderful lady.

In today’s world, one of the best ways to stand out is to stand in alignment with your values and vision. This is also important if you want to keep her around once she gets to know you.

Knowing yourself and aligning your words and actions with that set of values demonstrates courage, clarity, and conviction.

When you are congruent, she can trust you. She knows what to expect and can soften into the relationship.

This quality is lacking in many. Either they haven’t done the work to find the levels of clarity that will allow them to act on this level, or they have an undeveloped or poor character.

That creates an opportunity for those of us who are willing to look within, ask hard questions, and make changes.

That’s good news for you.