Take a step back.

Don’t be desperate to get into a relationship.

Life is full of oscillations. Ebbs and flows. Yin and Yang.

You’re not always meant to be with someone else.

Learn to find solace in solitude.

Take this time to get some clarity.

Learn something about yourself.

Pick up an old hobby.

Reflect on past relationships.

Maybe there is a new approach or direction worth taking?

Walk in nature. Drop into the peace of it. Notice things you’ve never noticed before.

This will help you heal. Reset.

Then you can recognize opportunities when they come along.

You’ll notice her, and she’ll notice you.

She’ll sense something good about you, something real.

This is because you’ve taken the time to go deep. To connect with something down inside yourself.

Now you have more value to bring.

This makes you more attractive.