Light swirls.

A portal opens.

Stepping through, you recognize this place. It’s the bedroom of your teenage self.

Your appearance is startling to your 15 year old self.

“Hi James, I’m you from the future. I’ve come to tell you something important. Listen very carefully…”

Ever wish you could go back in time and hand yourself some piece of vital information?

Whenever I learn a good framework I get that feeling like, “Oh damn, I wish I would have had this mental model years ago!”

Frameworks are like mental maps or ladders.

They give us a way to organize and work with information that would otherwise be cumbersome or disconnected.


That’s what it is… They connect the dots.

They make us more effective.

Eventually, I began building my own models. Frameworks that helped me make sense of all the seemingly disparate events, experiences, and information that I gained through living.

One especially powerful model I’ve named The Energy Equation

It’s a way of looking at the total of your life and seeing where you’re losing or gaining energy.

It can be used as a quick assessment tool to make adjustments to your daily life.

Or it can be used to do a major life audit. A deep dive into every aspect of your life to reveal patterns of disharmony and root out habitual inefficiencies.

It takes into account physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, and spiritual factors.

In part 2 of this series we’ll look at some concrete examples.

Until then, pay attention to your energy throughout the day. Notice what gives energy and what steals it.