What does a man look like?

Big, strong, muscular, hairy, scarred, calloused?

Hard? Defined? Ripped?

What does it feel like to be a man?

Aggressive? Active? Ambitious?

Capable? Confident?


What is the physical reality of being a man?

Sacrificing one’s body? Working through pain to protect and provide? Being hungry?

Enduring? Striving? Forcing? Driving? Hunting?

Punching? Cutting? Wrenching? Lifting? Throwing?

Not feeling?

Masculinity is tied to physicality.

Masculinity is bolstered by activity. By doing and producing.

Masculinity is shaped, refined, and cultivated through movement.

The physicality of masculinity is familiar with danger, hardship, and discomfort.

Because it must also defend, guard, protect, and build.

Sometimes it even has to kill, harm, or even destroy.

Masculinity is a force.

It is our responsibility to learn how to wield it wisely.