Be authentic. Be yourself!

But who is that?

We all have a mix of qualities, some more desirable than others.

Which aspect of yourself should you be then?

Perhaps a more useful approach is to know your values and then act in alignment with them.

This allows you to remain congruent and intentional, even when you still have work to do on yourself.

After all, there are many parts of ourselves that we shouldn’t give too much airtime.

I’ve run into some men that say, “Well that’s just the way I am…”

That’s bullshit.

We should all be working towards better.

Be careful of falling into this trap, because it can rob you of your agency.

By declaring this, you surrender your power and ability to act in new ways to improve your life.

Alignment with values will inform your actions in a positive direction. It will move you toward the better future you.

Conversely, being “authentic” can have a reinforcing effect on the mixed bag that comprises your current personality.