Is there some obstacle in your life that you’ve been striving to overcome for years or maybe even decades?

How about some dream or goal you’ve always wanted to achieve but just couldn’t seem to make progress towards?

Today I’m going to share a story with you about my buddy Jorge, an amazing guy who overcame a huge challenge after years of struggle.   I had the honor of coaching Jorge earlier this year, and he brought an inspiring level of dedication and commitment to his own process of growth and transformation that a coach dreams of in a client.

I’ll share some of his story here, but I recommend you check out his testimonial.  He was courageous in sharing his struggle with us; it was very important to Jorge because he felt it might bring benefit to others.

About 12 years ago, Jorge was going through a difficult time in his life and was experiencing depression and panic attacks.  Like any wise person would do, he sought help.  He was prescribed medication.  Over the years, Jorge felt bad about being on the medication and didn’t like depending on it to feel “normal”.  He tried a number of times to wean himself off of the medicine, but each time it ended in severe panic attacks and a return to the regular dose—back to square one!  Understandably, this eroded away at his confidence and self-esteem and left him feeling defeated.

How many of us have desperately wanted to change something so many times to just end up back where we started?  I know I have!

When we began the coaching process, I honestly didn’t know how we were going to achieve one of his big goals that he requested we work on during our 3-month process—getting off of that medication.

Jorge threw himself wholeheartedly into the process and put forth a heroic effort day after day to work towards regaining control of his energy and state of mind.  About 5 weeks into the journey, his reality started to shift in a big way, which can be quite disruptive.  Despite this, he persevered.  If you want different results in life, it means you have to leave your comfort zone, which is…uncomfortable.   Often, the bigger the change, the scarier and more disruptive it can feel.

Fortunately, I remembered learning about a special clinic run by the well-known Dr. Daniel G. Amen ( that takes a very scientific and holistic approach to healing the brain.  Dr. Amen wrote an excellent book: Change Your Brain Change Your Life.   I felt in my heart that this was something that would help Jorge, but I also knew that it was ultimately his decision whether or not to pursue this path.  It would require an investment of thousands of dollars and a trip to California.   He was already planning on being in California for the holidays, which validated my feeling that this was the right time for him to do this.

I was thrilled when Jorge decided to take a leap and make an investment in his well-being and happiness.  His decision to do this created a ripple effect that set into motion a number of other internal changes, bringing to light some inner dragons that he needed to slay.  It was a rough couple of weeks, but he had his sweet and loving wife to support him, and me backing him up and coaching him along the way.

He valiantly persisted, made it to California, had an amazing and life-changing experience at the clinic, and returned to Singapore a new man ready to live greatly.  Through a special type of brain imaging technology called Spect scans, ( they were able to see which areas of his brain were out of balance in their function, and he was given special mental exercises and nutritional supplements to begin the journey of rebalancing his brain.  He is feeling better and on the slow road of reducing his medication, which they found was actually harming him.

This story should give us all hope.  Even if we’ve been trying to change something for years—and seemingly failing at it—someone with new information can come along and unlock that door for us.  Or maybe some of us need to go through some trial or challenge to change who we are so we can recognize solutions that were there all along.

Let’s not overlook another important piece to this story.  Jorge had the support of family, friends, and highly trained professionals.

Would you agree that anything in life that is having a huge impact on our success and happiness deserves careful research, the assemblage of a great support team, and an investment of energy and resources?

Check out this great Ted talk by Dr. Amen