We’ve all had one of those weeks.

Stressors you’ve been dealing with have built up like a dark storm on the horizon.

The stars align, but in a bad way. A shit-storm ensues.

If we’re fortunate enough to see it coming, we can brace ourselves. Doing our best to stay calm, to handle it.

By the end of the week, we’re toast.

What if there was something you could do to better prepare your mind and body for this melee? To build up your inner strength and fortify your calm center? And, to quickly regain balance after the fact?

Let me introduce you to what I call the Transformation Trifecta.

The Transformation Trifecta (TT) combines 3 powerful practices that should be a regular part of every man’s life. Combining them multiplies their effectiveness.

These practices are:

  1. Connecting with nature
  2. Meditative movement
  3. Skillful self-inquiry

We’ll go into on the magic that comes from combining these three in a moment.

Let’s take a moment to review the combined benefits of the three:

  1. Boosts energy, immunity, and longevity
  2. Improves blood pressure, inflammation, fatigue, pain, weight, sleep, sex drive, and helps prevent chronic illness
  3. Decreases stress, depression, worry, anxiety, mental fatigue, impulsive behaviors, loneliness, and improves mood
  4. Builds strength, mobility, and endurance
  5. Improves short-term memory, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking, concentration, clarity, and focus
  6. Increases optimism, resilience, self-esteem, emotional poise, confidence, self-knowledge, wisdom, inner strength, integrity, courage, productivity, and meaningful action taking
  7. Encourages introspection, self-awareness, relaxation, self-reliance, self-expression, seeing new perspectives, congruence, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals
  8. Generates feelings of calm, connection, inspiration, fulfillment, purpose, meaning, motivation, harmony, and freedom
  9. Upgrades beliefs and attitudes, perspectives, sense of purpose, effectiveness, communication, prosperity, vision, effectiveness, direction, and relationships.

Pretty. Damn. Amazing.

But that’s not all folks.

Almost everyone has heard of the amazing benefits of meditation by now. Many have tried it. Few do it regularly.


Because it’s hard and they have a lot of confusion around what they are actually trying to accomplish and how to get there. This will be the focus of a future post.

What I’ve discovered is that by spending a little time in nature, it becomes way easier to do meditative practices.

Way easier.

Heck, if you spend enough time in nature you are almost guaranteed to drop into a meditative state.

The thing is, most of us don’t have days or weeks to go off into the wilderness every time we need to get some clarity or decompress.

Spending time in nature gets you part way there.

She calms you down. Clears your mind. Puts you at ease.

She is greater than you are. You are part of her. Part.

But she is massive and powerful.

You just have to ride that wave of peace, openness, relaxation, and clarity. Your surfboard to ride that wave is meditative movement practices.

Typically, this would be something like Tai Chi, yoga, qigong, martial arts, or MovNat. But really, it includes any type of movement or exercise that allows you to access flow.

It could be slackening, rock climbing, running, swimming, walking… you name it. As long as it has some element of interacting with the natural environment, then you should be good.

Moving in nature helps you access the meditative state easier. Being in that meditative state helps you connect on a deeper level with nature.

This feedback cycle gives you access to profound states of peace, relaxation, and clarity. This feedback cycle is part of the magic of the Transformation Trifecta.

And, once you’re fully steeped in all this awesomeness, you will be fully primed to gain insights and wisdom about your life through the vehicle of skillful self-inquiry.

Creativity thinking, insights, wisdom, high-level connection making—this comes easily.

We’ve just scratched the surface of this topic.

For now, get outside and move!