Do you trust yourself?

It’s a strange question.

Of all the people in the world, you’d think you would be the one person you could count on.

But sometimes we betray ourselves. We say or do something that goes against our own best interest.

We act out of alignment with our deeply held values.

Why do we do it?

Let’s look at how to build trust in ourselves.

It requires us to approach our inner life with honesty and compassion.

Without those ingredients, it becomes easier to face the shadowy aspects of our personality.

Fear of what it might mean about us if we admit certain truths or desires often keeps us from looking in these dark corners. Corners that often have shame creeping around in them.

But if we can go there. If we can approach ourselves with gentle, kind, curious energy, then it becomes possible to acknowledge and integrate these other aspects of ourselves into the whole.

When you are kind and honest it means you care.

In this case, you show care about yourself.

This makes it easier to acknowledge and stay present with uncomfortable truths. By doing this, we take away some of their power. The power they have to surprise us and compel us to act in ways that don’t represent our best selves.

We bring that part of us that might act out into alignment with the rest of us.

This is integrity.