Don’t you know?

There are nefarious forces at play.

Their influence hard to keep at bay.

Manipulators that want your attention.

Organizations that want you full of tension.

The political divide grows wide.

Corruption and lies on either side.

The top tier so greedy.

The world so hungry. So needy.

They want you distracted.

While files get redacted.

Follow the money.

Like flies to honey.

Want to be your own man?

Then what’s your plan?

You want to be woke?

Instead of a running joke?

Get your heart clear.

Don’t act from fear.

Get your mind right.

So you can sleep at night.

Work to clean up your life.

Sharpen your focus like a knife.

Don’t just swim in the shallows.

Get to know your deeper values.

Have the courage to commit.

Cultivate your grit.

Live your life this way.

Stay above the fray.

Want to walk your own path?

It’s all right here, just do the math.