Is 2018 going to be a good year for you?

Will you be successful, accomplish your goals, advance in your career, improve your relationships, and get healthier?   The answer to these questions is determined in large by where you will place your attention.

Your attention is the guiding force that will determine where your energy flows and what you give power to this year.

What will it be?  Will you get hung up on daily dramas or stay stuck in the past?  Will this year be a carbon copy of last year?  Or, will you be focused forward, strategically taking action to make your dreams come true?

Focus on what you desire, on solutions, and taking constructive action, not on what you fear and are trying to escape.    We don’t need to pretend like our pain and fear isn’t there, but we also don’t need to feed into it any more than we already do!

Ah, but we must have clarity about what it is we truly desire in life so that we have someplace constructive to direct our focus.

These are not rhetorical questions.   If you take a minute to answer these questions and email them to me at I promise I’ll read them and I’ll do my best to reply.

We’ll gain more clarity in our post…