What makes some men more magnetic than others?

I believe that a major source of magnetism stems from having depth. It makes a man more mysterious and attractive. It gives him gravity.

What is depth? And how does one go about getting more of it?

Depth is about being tapped into something below the surface, something real. 

It’s mojo. Magic. The real juice.

When a man knows himself, what he values and why, he exudes a type of presence that is noticeable. And everyone wants it, even if they don’t know what it is.

Many of us are living on the surface of life. Skimming along like a stone skipped across a lake. Playing in the shallows.


We’re busy, tired, numb, overstimulated, distracted, washed out, hungry, grasping, hiding. We’ve bought what’s being sold in the culture-at-large. We’re under the cultural trance.

We must stop. But, what happens when we slow down and get quiet?

The fear comes up. A backlog of unresolved thoughts, feelings, should’s, to-do’s, regrets, desires… comes washing over us like a tidal wave. We feel like we might drown.

Don’t worry. Just pour a glass of wine and watch some Netflix and it will all fade into the background. Or, don’t.

At some point, if he’s going to get out of the shallows, a man must learn the skills to ride that wave. He must get comfortable in the watery world of the emotions.

His depth awaits below the surface of life. Its caves must be explored. Its creatures encountered. Its currents mapped and harnessed.

When a man becomes comfortable in this world, he taps into something powerful. Something attractive. Something that everyone wants, but few have.

He gains the kind of stability. A rootedness in something deeper.

It is the ability to slow down and think, feel, and act from a genuine, caring, and connected place.

It comes from being rooted in our core and nourished by our values, vision, and meaning.

We need more men of depth.

Will you become one?