Are you walking your talk? Do your actions reflect your words?

A few weeks ago in my post Are You Speaking Your Truth?, we discussed the implications and importance of aligning our words with our true desires.

Have you gained clarity about who you are and what you want out of life?  Are your words becoming a clear reflection of what’s in your heart?  Now that you’re speaking your truth, it’s time to show the world that your words carry weight.

You’ve probably heard the expression talk is cheap.   Some people’s talk is cheaper than others.

We’ve all had that friend that never shows up on time or is always rescheduling on us.   How about those people who are constantly making empty promises?   We don’t want to be that guy or gal.

After awhile, we stop believing what they say and inevitably lose some respect for them.  The world is watching.   People will afford us a certain level of trust right away, but if we don’t act in congruence with our words people quickly lose confidence in us.  This affects our personal and professional lives and will impact the level of success we achieve in life.

There is another interesting angle on this topic that you may not have considered.   When we constantly “flake” on our word, we are proving to ourselves that we are liars and cannot be trusted!  That’s right – think about it.   You are a constant witness to your own thoughts, feelings, words, and actions, and you know every time you over-promise or don’t follow through in some way.

Losing trust in yourself can have massive implications.  What if you need to do something important, like quit smoking to save your life, but you’ve already said many times that you were going to quit and didn’t follow through?  Your confidence in yourself has been compromised, and this weakens your resolve and can set you up unconsciously to fail.

How can we strengthen our word?

Don’t over-promise!  It doesn’t matter how big or little of a deal you may think it is, your word is your word.  Stay true to it and commit to it.  Before you make that appointment with someone or promise something, ask yourself, “Will I have the time or resources to follow through on this?”

During this coming week, start connecting your actions and words by making small promises and then following through on them no-matter-what!   As you do this, pay attention to how it feels when your actions are aligned with your words and your words are aligned with your heart.

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Have a great week!